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Administrative law is one of the basic areas of public law dealing with the relationship between the government and its citizens. Administrative law ensures that government actions are authorized by parliament or by provincial legislature. It also governs that laws are implemented and administered in a fair and reasonable manner.

Administrative law is based on the principle that government actions must be legal, and that citizens who are affected by unlawful government acts must have effective remedies. A strong administrative law system helps maintain public confidence in government authority. 

Administrative Law ensures procedural fairness and the right to be heard are available to its citizens. There are over 500 provincial boards, agencies, and commissions in Ontario. Some of the types of applications hear under Administrative Law are; Admissibility Hearing, Immigration Appeals, Refugee Claims by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Lawyers who are licensed from their Canadian Provincial or Territorial Law Societies, Quebec Notaries, Licensed Paralegal from Law Society of Ontario, or a Citizenship or immigration consultant from RCIC can represent their clients at IRB.

We Represent..

  • Parole Board of Canada
  • Ontario Parole Board
  • Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Ontario Social Benefit Tribunal 
  • Local Planning Appeal Tribunal